DFL Recovery (Designs For Living Community Services)


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    Designs for Living Community Services of Lancaster, California is Recommended by Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™ and is a highly esteemed member of the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

    DFL Recovery, Lancaster, California - Also Known As Designs for Living Community ServicesDesigns for Living Community Services also known as DFL Recovery offers holistic residential treatment and intensive outpatient therapy. They were established to help men and women suffering from substance-use disorder, addiction and mental health issues to achieve life-long goals related to health, spirituality, peace and happiness through designed principles for living.

    DFL Recovery contributes to the process by providing a solid and healthy foundation that promotes healthy living, wellness and change that will inevitably improve the ability to find inner-peace, happiness and long-term stability and recovery. Designs For Living sees addiction treatment and recovery as a chance, not only to develop healthy substance-free coping strategies, but to systematically create new lives.

    Designs For Living provides is a small, but very serene residential treatment center and facility for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

    Designs for Living Philosophy

    DFL Recovery believes that each individual is born with unlimited potential and can become the men or women they’ve always wanted to be. Designs for Living clinicians and support staff therefore, become role models and guides that enable clients to recognize and reach their potential and live abundantly.

    The purpose at Designs For Living is to provide revolutionary, life-changing programs that enable addicts to live, substance-free lives and refine and re-invent themselves. Programs include: Life Skills, Gang Violence Prevention, health/Nutrition, Cultural Diversity, STD/HIV Awareness and much more.

    DFL Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


    The DFL Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is an optimal addiction treatment program for individuals who do not need medically-supervised detoxification or immediate residential placement. IOP treatment modalities are authorized by insurance carriers if you meet the criteria assessed by clinical or medical personnel. This addiction and recovery program provides part-time treatment with an intensive schedule specifically designed to work around your family and professional life.

    The Designs for Living intensive outpatient drug addiction recovery programs are designed in particular for individuals who need individualized support in their long-term recovery.

    More About Designs For Living and Their Services

    DFL Recovery, Lancaster, California - Also Known As Designs for Living Community ServicesCore components of treatment at DFL recovery include:

    1. Doctorates & Masters Degree clinicians with specialization in addiction
    2. Specific education & recovery resources for individuals
    3. Individual/Group Counseling & Support
    4. Providing a collaborative environment with sober living people
    5. Drug Screenings
    6. Aftercare Support

    Designs for Living provides drug and alcohol rehab programs that provide clients with guidance from Doctorate and Masters level clinical addiction specialists. They also get support from other patients going through a similar recovery process as them. Thus, DFL Recovery patients learn some of the most valuable healing skills from each other in treatment.

    Some of the skills include:

    1. Coping with drug cravings
    2. Decreasing the time of acceptance and action on negative thoughts
    3. Learning effective communication
    4. Reducing stress through nutrition
    5. Improving decision-making capabilities
    6. Creating healthy personal relationships

    DFL is Recommended by Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and a member of the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers

    Only addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities that meet a demanding set of standards are approved for recommendation by this community. Treatment Centers and drug facilities that go above and beyond to help recovering addicts are eligible for membership in the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers. DFL Recovery has proven to meet our high standards and has been approved for recommendation by Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide and membership in the NAATC.

    Are you tired of suffering and being chained to your addiction? Those who are ready are highly recommended to undergo a free virtual consult with DFL Recovery in Lancaster, California.

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