Raising the Bar and Setting Standards for Drug Rehabs & Addiction Treatment Centers

Raising the Bar and Setting Standards for Drug Rehabs & Addiction Treatment Centers

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The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC) Sets High Standards for Drug Rehabs Nationwide

It’s no secret that the addiction and recovery profession needs an overhaul. Yes, there are some excellent addiction treatment centers and drug rehab facilities but so many are engaging in shady and unethical practices, it’s disgusting. Buying and selling addicts, patient brokering and kickbacks have become the norm for less than reputable treatment centers who put filling beds ahead of what’s best for the client.

Look, we get it. Treatment facilities need to fill their beds and operate under maximum capacity so they have the funding they need to stay open, pay their staff and adequately treat and support men and women suffering from addiction. But engaging in illegal and unethical practices will only result in a complete shut-down of the center. Sure these unethical drug rehabs and treatment facilities may make a quick buck and get away with it for awhile. But the truth is usually discovered and when it happens, it results in a loss of licensure and the rehab’s doors being closed. And you know what? Everyone celebrates when it happens…because frankly, they deserve it!

How the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers Raises the Bar for Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment Centers

The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers or NAATC is trying to change the way drug rehab facilities and treatment centers operate. It will be a long battle and there isn’t an easy fix. After all, in every profession, there are a few bad eggs, but one of the goals of the NAATC is to make unethical and illegal activity the exception rather than the rule. It would be far too idealistic to think we can stop all illegal and unethical activity. But the more we can raise awareness and work to set universal high standards for treatment centers, the more men and women suffering from addiction can find and get the best care and treatment without having to worry.

The NAATC is new, but being part of the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide family and network of websites, we should be able to reach more people and begin working with other like-minded organizations on setting universal standards. One of our goals is to get the NAATC logo stamped on all drug rehab facility websites who meet our high standards so that when people see it, it’s recognized as a top drug rehab facility.

While the NAATC doesn’t do anything directly at the moment to physically stop treatment centers from engaging in illegal, immoral or unethical activity, the ultimate goal is to promote the exceptional and phase out those who don’t meet the standard. Even though each state possesses their own laws on how to handle things, setting universal quality assurance standards is crucial to ensure clients (men and women suffering from addiction) in every state get the best care. The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers intends on working with other like-minded organizations while keeping membership distinct and separate.

NAATC Membership Is Only Open to Those Who Meet Our Demanding Standards

Not everyone who applies for NAATC membership will be approved. Only those who are prescreened by the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide community and have proven to continue to meet our demanding standards with an “evidence based” quality of care are eligible for membership. Is your treatment center interested in becoming a member? Apply for membership by clicking here.

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Written by William Charles, Owner and Publisher of Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide™, Heroin News and the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers (NAATC)

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