Membership Standards

The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers is a consumer organization dedicated to prescreening and recommending only the best addiction treatment centers and top drug rehab facilities. The NAATC does not offer open membership to drug rehab facilities and is one of the only groups that recognizes that the “evidence based treatment” varies at addiction treatment centers. The NAATC recommends top addiction treatment centers based on a set of high standards. This includes evidence based treatment. Standards for recommendation include:

  • Must be accredited and licensed as required by the state.
  • Staff members must have adequate credentials / certifications
  • Programs must be ran by well-trained mental health professionals and addiction counselors
  • Drug rehabs must provide long-term follow-up, after-care and support for their patients
  • Drug rehabs must also address the underlying emotional pain and other life problems that have contributed to drug use and thus, the onset of addiction.
  • Only addiction treatment centers with a high social media rating and/or positive patient reviews will be selected and approved
  • Comfortable and clean living facilities and amenities are required (Luxurious and fabulous landscaping, scenery, buildings and furniture are nice but also typically come with a hefty price tag. None of this is required. But a facility must at least be clean and comfortable)
  • Referrals to other recovery services and/or support groups in the community are provided upon discharge
    Evidence based treatment – drug rehabs must have some kind of statistics showing success rates, preferably from an outside agency or third party resource.
  • Addiction treatment centers must have a positive rating (or at least no negative ratings or outstanding legitimate complaints) with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Random interviews conducted with former patients must support positive reputation
  • Reviews posted by former patients on our discussion forum and/or opinions expressed by our members are considered

Note – The recommended drug rehabs, addiction treatment centers, programs and services listed on this page pay an ongoing sponsorship fee to support this free recovery patient based community and should not be considered an exclusive list of all the best recovery facilities, treatments, products and more. We do not vouch or warranty our recommendations however, each addiction treatment facility, program and service has been prescreened. Only addiction treatment centers our staff or our families would feel comfortable attending are approved for recommendation.