Apply for NAATC Membership

The National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers is not an open membership organization. In other words, NAATC members must meet our rigorous standards and be prescreened. Like Joint Commission Accreditation, only addiction treatment center and drug rehab facilities who can demonstrate evidence based treatment and effectiveness are invited to become NAATC members.NAATC Members will be enjoy the benefits of being prominently listed on this website and the Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide (link to KTHEN website) website. Moreover, NAATC Members will be promoted on several Facebook pages totaling over 100,000 followers and 1.5 million people each month. Thus, membership in the NAATC will not only result in an outstanding credibility, but with all the additional visibility your treatment center will achieve, you will likely cultivate even more patients.

NAATC profiles will be distinct from those on Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide however, they will include most of the same information. NAATC profiles are all inclusive and will host your photos, videos, a detailed description of your facility and programs, staff members and photos, previews of and links to articles / blogs your center has written, patient testimonials and a rating/reviews section. Note that all reviews are moderated and must be approved before they go live.

NAATC Members are invited and encouraged to actively engage with the very large Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide community by participating on its popular discussion forum, Facebook pages and more. NAATC members are encouraged to submit any original content for our blog which will be promoted to over 100,000 followers, etc.

NAATC Members must meet our demanding selection criteria and high standards and are subject to in-person inspection and ongoing review. The Kill the Heroin Epidemic Nationwide community and discussion forum and your rating/review page will be another tool we use to evaluate the efficacy of your programs and treatment center.

NAATC Members pay a nominal, flat ongoing monthly fee to retain their membership with the National Alliance of Addiction Treatment Centers.

To apply and be considered for NAATC Membership, please fill out the brief form below. Note that the below form is only designed to collect basic contact information for your treatment center and not an actual application. Filling out the below form does not guarantee approval for membership.

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